May 2016 Minuites




Minutes of the Meeting of the Parish Council held on Wednesday 11th May 2016 at 8.00 pm in Godmersham & Crundale Village Hall

Present            :     Cllrs Spencer (in the Chair), Grayson, Gee, Fisher & Taylor

In attendance:     Mr. Eaton, Clerk to the Council, ABC Cllr Dehney and one member of the public

Action by:

1 Apologies for absence

There were no apologies for absence

2 Declarations of Councillors Interests

All Cllrs declared an interest in the Village Hall shipping container planning application and no discussion would take place regarding the application

3 Election of Chair and Vice Chair

It was proposed seconded and unanimously agreed to re-elect Cllr Spencer as Chair of the Parish Council

It was proposed seconded and unanimously agreed to re-elect Cllr Grayson as Vice Chair of the Parish Council

4 To appoint Committee representatives

It was unanimously agreed to appoint the following Committee representatives:

KALC                                       Cllrs Taylor & Gee

ABC Parish Forum                  Cllrs Taylor & Gee

Village Hall                             Cllr Gee

Highways                                Cllr Grayson

Countryside/Footpaths            Cllr Fisher

Press Office                             Clerk

Planning                                  All

Police Liaison                          Cllr Fisher


Action by:

5 Minutes of the last Meeting

The Minutes of the Meeting held on 15th March 2016 were approved and signed

6 Matters arising

Cllr Fisher updated the meeting regarding Call Flow – measures had been taken to significantly improve coverage in parts of Pope Street so good progress was being made

The speed sign was briefly discussed although there were no developments of note

7 To discuss matters of public concern

The member of the public wished to discuss the removal of hedges near power lines in her garden. After a discussion the Parishioner was advised to contact the power companies and liaise with them

There was a full discussion about the problem of mud running down the lane from Godmersham Park onto the A28 posing a risk to drivers. It was agreed that a letter be sent to the Estate Manager requesting a timeframe for measures to be put in place to stop this as public safety was being put at risk


8 To consider Planning & Enforcement Matters

a Planning applications to consider

New Planning Applications

16/00297 Brick and flint wall and gate

Pope Street Farmhouse

There were no objections to this application

16/00440 Two storey rear and side extension

April House, The Street

There were no objections to this application

16/00391 Siting of shipping container on concrete base for storage

Godmersham & Crundale Village Hall


Action by:

b Planning application granted

16/0020 Removal of modern plaster and replacement with traditional

Home Farm House, Bilting Lane

16/00149 Rear and front extension

The Coach House, Eggarton Lane

9 To consider Finance Matters and Accounts for Payment

The following accounts were approved for payment


G Eaton, Clerks salary and expenses (April & May)                                         433.86

Clerk’s tax (April & May)                                                                                        88.40

AON, Annual Insurance                                                                                       586.75

10 To discuss correspondence received

Email from KCC re Stour Countryside Partnership requesting a donation – Clerk to obtain further information and agenda for the July meeting


Email from ABC Cllr Dehnel re unauthorised encroachment by gypsies

Email from ABC Cllr Bell re review of Parish & Urban Forum

Email from KCC re overhanging trees and vegetation

Letter & poster from Marie Curie re Great Tea Party

Oast to Coast magazine

Letter and enclosures from KALC re benefits of membership

11 AOB

Cllr Grayson stated that he still had large quantities of salt for road gritting when required

It was noted that David Swan had carried out the role of internal auditor for many years without payment and his services had been greatly appreciated. It was agreed to send him a letter of thanks enclosing gift vouchers for £100



Action by:

12 Date of next meeting

It was agreed that the next Meeting would be held on Wednesday 13th July 2016 at 8pm in Godmersham & Crundale Village Hall

There being no other business the meeting closed at 9.50 pm