March 2016 Minutes



Minutes of the Meeting of the Parish Council held on Tuesday 15th March 2016 at 8.00 pm in Godmersham & Crundale Village Hall

Present            :     Cllrs Spencer (in the Chair), Grayson, Gee, Fisher & Taylor

In attendance:     Mr. Eaton, Clerk to the Council

Action by:

1 Apologies for absence

There were no apologies for absence

2 Declarations of Councillors Interests

There were no declarations of Cllrs interests regarding items on the Agenda

3 Minutes of the last Meeting

The Minutes of the Meeting held on 19th January 2016 were approved and signed

4 Matters arising

Cllr Fisher provided an update on the ongoing issues with Call Flow although there seemed to be encouraging signs that the problems would soon be resolved

Cllr Spencer updated the meeting regarding the speed sign to be installed outside the Village Hall and her useful meeting with KCC Highways regarding the positioning of the sign

There was a full discussion about the new defibrillator funded by the British Heart Foundation after a successful bid from the Parish Council. The launch event which took place earlier in the evening was a huge success. Various organisations and Parishioners attended the event which was both informative and fun. Special thanks were proposed to the brownies who helped with the running of the event and for demonstrating the equipment

5 To discuss matters of public concern

There were no matters of public concern to discuss


Action by:

6 To consider Planning & Enforcement Matters

a Planning applications to consider

New Planning Applications

16/00158 – Bilting Farm Business Centre – demolition of Nissan Huts/replace with modern units

This application fell between meetings and therefore dealt with via emails. Cllr Grayson had declared an interest and was not consulted. The Parish Council supported this application – letter had been sent to ABC

16/00149 – The Coach House, Eggarton Lane – rear and front extensions

Letter to be sent to ABC – no objections in principle but development should respect neighbours privacy


16/00208 – Home Farm House, Bilting Lane – plaster replacement

There were no objections to this application

b Planning application granted/refused

There were no planning applications granted or refused

7 To consider Finance Matters and Accounts for Payment

The following accounts were approved for payment


G Eaton, Clerks salary and expenses (Feb & March)                                            389.00

Clerk’s tax (Feb & March)                                                                                        77.40

Godmersham & Crundale Village Hall, hall hire                                                       48.00

ABC, planning application fee                                                                                 192.50

Finance Report: April – Dec 2015

The Clerk circulated the Finance Report for the period April – Dec 2015 and the figures discussed. The report was approved.



Action by:

Transparency Code

There was a discussion about the new internal audit arrangements and Cllrs Spencer & Grayson kindly agreed to discuss with Mr. David Swan

Cllrs Spencer & Grayson

Internal and External Audit arrangements

There was a full discussion regarding the new external audit arrangements from April 2017 and opt in/opt out options were considered. It was agreed that the Parish Council should not opt out of the Sector Led Body Smaller Authorities Audit Appointments Ltd.’s audit arrangements and so would automatically be opted in and included in the new arrangements

8 To discuss correspondence received

Letter from ABC re review of Parish boundaries

Notes of the ABC Parish & Urban Forum held on 27th January

Letter from HMRC re problems submitting payroll data online

Letter and documents from Local Boundary Commission re electoral review of Kent – final recommendations

Letter from ‘The Kent Men of the Trees’ – Village Competition 2016


The Clerk was asked to add the new defibrillator to the Council’s insurance cover


There was a brief discussion about the problem of dog fouling. Cllr Gee kindly offered to research prices of dog waste bins and put a notice in the Parish magazine

Cllr Gee

As Cllr Taylor often found it difficult to get to Parish Council Meetings on a Tuesday it was unanimously agreed to change future meeting dates to a Wednesday

10 Date of next meeting

It was agreed that the next Meeting would be held on Wednesday 11th May 2016 at 8pm in Godmersham & Crundale Village Hall

Other Meeting dates agreed were – 13th July, 14th September, 9th November 2016 & 11th Jan 2017

There being no other business the meeting closed at 9.40 pm